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14 Day Blood Pressure Reset

Take control of your health through lifestyle changes

Your blood pressure is high for one reason and one reason only. That reason is the fact that you have failed to give your body the natural resources it needs to detoxify itself and stay clean. In this course you will learn the basics about high blood pressure, how your lifestyle choices directly impact your hypertension and the necessary steps you need to do to re-align yourself with the laws of life to give your body what it needs to recover.

Course Curriculum

Video Modules

  • 1

    Introduction to me and "DRUGLESS HEALING"

    • My Struggles with Stage 2 Hypertension and How I Overcame It (3:59)

  • 2

    Looking at hypertension through a different PARADIGM

    • Shifting our views of HYPERTENSION (2:49)

    • Blood Pressure Basics (4:54)

    • Ways Hypertension Can Harms Your Health (3:34)

  • 3

    Healing comes from within. NO DRUG CAN HEAL YOU

    • Analyzing Your Diet (6:49)

    • Managing Your Weight (5:58)

    • Stressful Situations (3:50)

  • 4

    Your HABITS dictate your HEALTH

    • Creating Healthy Habits (3:52)

  • 5


    • Natural vs Pharmaceutical

  • 6

    Eradicating Hypertension : What your next 14 days should look like

    • 14 Days Til A Healthier You